Enes Kanter And Marcus Smart Wrestling At The Pool Two Days Before Game Four Has Me Very, Very, Nervous

Look, I'm not the fun police. If people want to rough house by the pool that's fine, but those people can't be Boston Celtics two days before a game four. It just can't happen. We need to be more careful than that. There's too much that could go wrong. Kanter is one wrong splash away from a broken ankle and GOD FORBID anything happens to Marcus Smart we're screwed. Lock up whoever filmed that then lock Marcus and Enes in their rooms until the series is over. If they absolutely need the be by the pool I'll allow them to float, but that's it. Two days. Three wins. Let's save the fun and games for after it's over. Love you both. 

PS: Deuce Tatum is the cutest kid alive.