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Rate Aaron Gordon's Latest Song And Music Video

Remember, we're grading here on an NBA rapper scale. As we know one of the oldest traditions in history is NBA players wanting to be rapper and rappers wanting to be NBA players and while some over the years have been pretty terrible, I'd say the players in today's NBA aren't all that terrible. Dame Lillard could legitimately walk away from basketball and have a real music career. He's not just good for a NBA player, he has real talent.

Enter Aaron Gordon. This isn't his debut or anything like that. You might remember he released this bad boy called "9 outta 10" in reference to his Dunk Contest snub waaaaayy back in April. Remember April? Feels like years ago

I'll be honest and this might be my own personal preference.....but he's not terrible! I've definitely heard worse from players who think they can pull a move like this. Lord knows it's way better than you or I could do and what else does Gordon have to do right now? I suppose you could say actually work on his craft so he can take a legit leap next season for the Magic but there's plenty of time for that.

I think the next move here is Gordon and Damian Lillard need to team up for a song and video. Why not? I think they could actually produce some heat. Basically every song on Lillard's albums is a banger and Gordon is showing enough potential to where Dame should bring him under his wing.

So what do you got in this latest song/video? I give it a solid 7.8.

Now, you can't blog about Aaron Gordon and leave shit out. Guys pretty talented I suppose