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The Lions Made Sure the Falcons Weren't the Only Team to Set a Record for Futility This Weekend

With the Falcons the talk of the NFL for all the wrong reasons after blowing a 20-0 lead to the Cowboys and becoming the first team to ever lose a game in which it scored 39 points and did not commit a turnover — teams were 440-0 in all such previous games — it's nice to see they were not the only team to set a dubious record Sunday.

Despite a final score of 42-21 in favor of the Packers, the Lions actually held a 14-3 lead in that game this weekend. Unfortunately for Lions fans, the loss was the team's fourth in a row in which it had a double-digit lead, which became the first time that has happened in NFL history. The loss also brought Detroit's record when leading by double digits under Matt Patricia to 7-7-1 since 2018, the only team in the NFL without a winning record in that time.

I guess this is going under the radar because nobody really expects anything from the Lions — and for some reason think the Falcons might figure something out every year — but that's the sweet spot to live as a fan. The first thing everybody wanted to talk to me about today was the Falcons' history-making loss. Meanwhile, the Lions are having four-game stretches of futility never seen before in the history of professional football and nobody even knows.

If you're going to be bad, just go all in and be as bad as the Lions to the point that when you are floundering at unprecedented levels, people stop even noticing.