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In Case Everyone Getting Hurt Yesterday Wasn't Bad Enough For The 49ers, Their Team Plane Got Hit On The Runway And Their MRI Truck Broke Down

You may not have realized it because you were too busy watching players on your favorite team or fantasy team go down on Bloody Sunday yesterday, but the 49ers seem to have been bit hardest by that asshole injury bug. Nick Bosa got carted off the field followed by Solomon Thomas getting carted off one play later, with Raheem Mostert also leaving with a knee injury and Jimmy G not being able to finish the game that wasn't even played by George Kittle because he is also hurt. The Niners still won the game because they were the better and still less cursed team than the Jets. But that is still a fucked up Sunday.

The human body crumbling into a heap is an unfortunately side effect that comes with playing a contact sport often compared to 60 car crashes. However, an actual car truck breaking down on the way to checking out the injuries of those broken down injuries is some true bad juju shit. You can say that nothing has been completely right for San Fran (the locals HATE when you call it that) ever since Jimmy G missed Manny Sanders on that bomb that would've clinched the Super Bowl. But being so cursed that you have ligaments, bones, and literal machines breaking down is Final Destination type of stuff, especially considering the Niners plane apparently got hit on the runway before they took off for the Meadowlands.

There are Super Bowl Loser Curses and there is everything you touch turning to ash. In case all that wasn't bad enough, the Niners are staying in a West Virginia resort because they play back-to-back games at MetLife Stadium, whose turf they are blaming for all their injuries (not sure about the truck though). So not only do the Niners have to worry about anvils falling out of the sky but they also have to do it while dealing with tucked in sheets, pillows they aren't used to, and that weird feeling you get when you are using a shower other than your own.

Which is why I say the 49ers should just forfeit next week's game and get back to their homes, hopefully in one piece. I'm just saying that as a juju guy and impartial fan of the NFL who is thinking of the well-being of the athletes playing on that very same turf a week later and definitely not as a Giants fan that is scared of seeing his own team lose to the JV San Fran squad that may have John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan playing on Sunday at this rate.

UPDATE: In the time it took me to write this blog, we got a fresh name added to the list. 

I would say Jerick McKinnon is the obvious BUY candidate for fantasy football but honestly it feels like bringing any Niners player onto your roster is straight up spitting in the faces of the obviously very angry Football Gods.

P.S. I'm still waiting for someone to connect the dots and blame Dave Gettleman for the turf at MetLife Stadium causing these injuries to the 49ers.