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Aroldis Chapman's Appeal For His 3 Game Suspension Will Not Be Heard Until Next Year Because Of An Issue Involving Availability Of Witnesses

We are 19 days removed from Major League Baseball suspended Aroldis Chapman three games for throwing "intentionally" at Rays hitter Mike Brosseau. Chapman appealed the suspension almost immediately and has since awaited word from the MLB on the verdict. After pitching in back to back games last Thursday and Friday last week, Yankees beat writer Jack Curry suggested dropping the appeal right then and serving the time, since he wasn't going to be used anyways for the next few days. Made a lot of sense. 

The reason Chapman likely didn't do this is because he found out his appeal won't be heard until next year because an issue in the availability of witnesses. Now you might say what witnesses? This was a a baseball played between two teams that aired on live television. You know, those witnesses! Well it seems Major League Baseball wants to handle this stuff in person and with teams in their respective bubbles right now that's going to be impossible to swing. So what if every court house in America right now is doing zoom calls for hearings? MLB needs this in person! No ifs, ands, or buts. Fair is fair. You need your witnesses for an appeal of this magnitude and video just isn't going to cut it. They don't wanna show? No suspension. Simple enough. 

Of course you have your curmudgeons out there bitching and moaning that this isn't fair. Wah Wah Wah!!! Sad to see they have nothing better to do. 

Spare me. Is that the guy who is a fan of the team that got caught cheating twice and got off both times with a slap on the wrist? Also the same team that had a certain star left handed DH blatantly test positive for steroids, then have that player claim he would get to the bottom of it, and then had the accusation simply forgotten over time for no reason at all? Not very unbiased from Mr. Unbiased if you ask me. 

This is simple enough. Chapman clearly didn't throw at Brosseau intentionally and so MLB will be taking there time to review the case and make the right call. Zero complaints here. No witnesses, no appeal. Let's play ball. 

P.S. If Chapman is going to keep throwing 94-96 I'm going to wish he was suspended. Figure it out dude.