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So How Have We Not Found A Cure For Torn ACL's Already?

Nam Y Huh. Shutterstock Images.

In case you forgot, I'm a 2x ACL tear survivor myself. In fact, I believe that I'm the only person in the history of the internet who still blogged on the day of their ACL surgery. 

I didn't even ask for a raise, either. Just blogged for the love of the game. 

But as a 2x ACL tear survivor, it kills me each and every single time one of these athletes go down with an ACL injury. And yesterday was a full blown knee massacre. 

My stock ligaments stink. It really shouldn't have come as a surprise to anybody, especially myself, that they weren't able to hold up. But these guys? They're some of the best athletes in the world. And if their ligaments can still tear at any given moment, well then maybe it's time for those science nerds to step in here. 

Modern technology is so unbelievably advanced. Think about it. At any moment you can pull your phone out of your pocket, you can use that device to log on to the ol' internet, and you can proceed to watch videos of people having sexual intercourse right there on your phone. At any moment at all, that is a possibility. Imagine telling somebody that in just the year 1950. Less than a hundred years ago. And if we can make that giant leap of progress in that little time, then coming up with a cure for ACL tears should take like what? Maybe a few weeks? If you can put internet porn on a little rectangle that fits in your pocket, you should be able to cure ACL tears during your lunch break. 

It just blows my mind that we sit back and watch these injuries happen week after week after week, and nobody has done anything about it yet. Borderline criminal for all the nerds out there to just let it happen. Enough is enough.