The Passion Of The Christ 2 Is Apparently Happening

It seems Jesus will return, with a vengeance. Where “The Passion of the Christ” became a huge box office juggernaut, amassing nearly $400 million at the domestic box office and still holding the title of the highest-grossing R-rated film in the U.S. Over a decade later, star Jim Caviezel confirms the sequel, “The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection” is still in the works, and it will be bigger than the original.

...the actor said. “It’s called ‘The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection’

If I know our demo like I think I do, then almost all of you thought of the above clip after reading the headline. 

The original movie is a brutal, telling of the biblical story. Like, maybe the goriest movie I've ever seen outside of the horror genre. While it definitely served its purpose, I wouldn't say it's exactly a movie that screams for a sequel. And with Mel Gibson being, well, Mel Gibson, I can't really say I personally have a ton of interest in it. If it does come out, though, I'm sure it will definitely made a fuck-load load of money just like the first one. While we're at it, though, lets get some other religious origin stories, but more in the vein of 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine', one of my favorite bad movies.  

In case you've never seen the original movie, please allow me to redirect you to one of the greatest blogs this website has ever produced: