Ed Orgeron's Mom on 60 Minutes Is Some of the Best Television You Will See This Year

When 60 Minutes did its profile on LSU head coach Ed Orgeron, they obviously had to visit his hometown and talk to the person who knows him best: his mother Coco.

When I saw that Coach O's mom was going to sit down for an interview, I could not have been more excited. When you know what someone like Ed Orgeron is like, you want to see where he comes from. And Coco Orgeron did not disappoint.

In true Louisiana fashion, she wouldn't do the interview until the CBS crew had some of her gumbo, which seemed about as on-brand as an Orgeron could be until she spoke. When she started talking about the playground football field and the hedges for sidelines, I could not stop smiling. That woman is a delight.

And seeing her describe how she felt watching LSU beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa last season, I want nothing more than a Coco Orgeron electric chair for all LSU football games. But what I think we can all agree Coco Orgeron deserves is some sort of voice role in Disney's next animated film. I don't care what it is, but she deserves something.

I'm glad Coco Orgeron got to see her son win a national championship. And I'm sure she's as happy as I am that we finally made it to an SEC game week.