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Barstool Sports Employee Deion Sanders Had Himself A DAY Today

Obviously all of you know at this point that Deion Sanders works for Barstool Sports. He's on The Pro Football Football Show, does a weekly Prime Picks segment and hosts a podcast alongside NFL alumnus Jamie Dukes called 21st and Prime. The guy jumped right in here and started absolutely FIRING off content like a machine. I have to admit, seeing my own and other bloggers' faces on the blogger page just a handful of spots above him is hilarious. The guy is a living legend. 

Now, as if he wasn't already a busy enough guy, he announced today (after a ton of rumors started coming to light at the end of last week) that he is now the head football coach at Jackson State University. He, of course, made this announcement in the most Prime Time Deion Sanders fashion possible and it was fantastic. Big ass marching band, police escort, car pulling RIGHT up into the gymnasium. Unbelievable. 

You could also see from looking at him and hear from his words that this is a monumental moment for him, as it obviously would be for anyone.

Barstool Sports blogger, podcast host, picking expert, NCAA Division I head football coach. Deion Sanders. Coach Prime.

If you want to hear more about his decision to head to Jackson State, as well as awesome conversations with Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones, take a listen to the first episode of 21st and Prime here: