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Fuck Everything. The Giants Officially Announce That Saquon Barkley Tore His ACL

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. After almost 24 hours of the guillotine hanging over our heads, the news drops just as we feared. Saquon Barkley got linked with the three letters every NFL player dreads and his season is over. I was hoping maybe we had one of those close call scares that ended up not being as bad as it looked since it happened a few times with Odell and I didn't know if Saquon's knee being in the middle of those tree trunk thighs could even get injured. Nope! Saquon's ACL is indeed very much torn like every Giants fan's soul this morning and a season that we hoped would be better than the last few is stuck in the same 0-2 hole we've become way too accustomed to. Having Saquon get dinged up, go to the sideline, then come back and tear his ACL was a particularly cruel joke by the Football Gods yesterday. Tip of the hat for those cocksuckers for keeping us on our toes.

This is one of those injuries that sucks for everyone. Not just for Saquon, the Giants, or Giants fans. But everyone that enjoys watching a football player do superhuman shit on a football field like this. Even Eagles fans*!

*Okay, probably not even Eagles fans

Like I blogged earlier, Saquon has updated his Instagram with just one picture.

Fuck it, time for Mamba Mentality. Just a minor setback for a major comeback and Saquon knows the perfect comeback story to follow.

Now lets end this blog with a stupid meme to at least make me feel a little bit better about the bloodbath currently happening around the NFL.