JaVale McGee And Dwight Howard Got Caught Mocking The Nuggets And Officially Became The Worst Shit Talkers To Ever Play Basketball

Don't get me wrong it's easy to hate the Lakers. I'm a lifelong Lakers hater and I'm not even a Celtics fan. In fact after the Celtics, the Lakers are the team I hate the most. Just can't stand them. Hate that Robert Horry drained that three against the Kings. Hate that they made the comeback against the Blazers. Hate all of it. But now? Well, we have a whole new reason to hate the Lakers that has nothing to do with LeBron.

The fact that Dwight Howard and JaVale McGee turned into the biggest shit talkers in this series was exactly what we needed to find that next level of hate. I've said it before but the Nuggets might be the most liked good team in NBA history. Nobody hates the Nuggets, especially because there aren't any real Clippers fans. You know who people don't like? Dwight Howard. So now knowing he's out here taunting the Nuggets bench after Anthony Davis drills a game-winner just adds that fuel to the fire. 

I do have to admit though, their quote of 'Thanksgiving, steak dinner, appetizers, filet mignon and potatoes, a glass of champagne' is so outlandish, so corny, that I almost resect it. It does make me at least chuckle, especially since, you know, the Nuggets almost won because Jokic got his shit together in the 4th quarter. 

All things considered that's one of the worst shit talking lines ever though. You knew Anthony Davis was going to feast, just go with something direct to the point. You don't need to list the entire feast from Thanksgiving. Stick with the classics here. Not to mention how do you even get all that out before the ball is down on the other end of the floor? No way Jokic heard all of that. 

Nuggets in six. Please.