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All Time Video Of A Kid Getting Caught On The Toilet As Two Of His Classmates Beat The Shit Of Each Other

Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. I mean imagine how scared that kid must've been? Pooping anywhere in public is terrifying, but pooping in high school? In front of fifteen dudes? As they film a fight going on IN your stall? Forget about it. That has to be the worst day of his life. And he just sat there...

Then again, I guess that's all you can do, right? If you stand up your dick's on camera, which means your life is over, so you gotta just ride it out and hope for best. Bury your head in your hands and try to avoid making eye contact. He did manage to pull them up a little bit at the end…

but at that point the damage was done. The entire school has seem him at his most vulnerable. Poor guy. Hopefully they at least shut the door on their way out so he could finish his businesses. Thoughts and prayers. 

(PS: I know this is old, it's going re-viral now. Still funny. Deal with it.)