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A Falcons Fan Wrote the Team a Resignation Letter to Officially Free Himself of the Pain and Misery They Continue to Cause

Hell yeah, man.

My now-former brother in fanhood Harlen Shackelford did what many of us have long dreamt of doing and told the Atlanta Falcons he has finally had enough. Shackelford penned a resignation letter to the "FalCANTS" to let them know his services as a fan would be terminated.

"It is with immense frustration and grief that I must inform you that I am resigning from my position as an Atlanta Falcons football fan effective immediately following the second worse (sic) loss in NFL history," Shackelford said. "The first belongs to you and your implosive efforts in Super Bowl LI when you blew a 28-3 halftime lead against the Tom Brady led New England Patriots."

Shackelford goes on to cite all the ridiculousness that had to occur for the Cowboys to come back from down 20-0 and later 39-30 with just over 2:00 left Sunday, but we've all seen that stuff.

I respect the hell out of this guy. He gets it. I've told anybody who will listen that you either have to quit the Falcons entirely or accept them as a joke and expect nothing. I still put on a Falcons jersey every Sunday and have the game on, but after February 5, 2017, they will never have my emotional investment again. If they win, great. If they lose, fine. I watch them out of habit, not out of care for the result.

But I absolutely applaud the decision of anyone who officially calls it quits. Lord knows that franchise deserves a lot more of us to do the same thing.

"In my 28th year of existence, I have decided to no longer embrace the suck. It is not me. It is absolutely and definitively you."

Well said, brother. Go rest high on that mountain.