So, This Makes It Sounds Like All The Clippers Hate Paul George Right? At The Minimum They Don't Respect Him

[The Athletic] - For his part, Paul George had a disappointing series against Denver, and had several moments that left him in compromising positions with his teammates — beyond just his production. Multiple teammates had verbal spats with George throughout the postseason, citing in their exchanges a lack of accountability from him.

In the postgame locker room Tuesday night, George was preaching to teammates to remain committed, for all the players to return to the team this offseason and stay ready to make another run. It was met by some eye rolls and bewilderment, sources said, because George did not back up his words with action in the series and the team has multiple free agents with decisions to make.

Alright, so the Clippers fucking hate Paul George right? That's my only takeaway from this. That or at the minimum they don't respect him one bit. I can't think of one player with his sort of talent that has as little respect as Paul George. Granted, most guys don't call themselves Playoff P and then lose a bunch of games and choke in the playoffs, but it's where we are. I find it hilarious that his teammates just rolled their eyes and 'bewilderment.' Gonna need Shams to expand on that because I like to imagine it's Kawhi just laughing right in his face. And yeah, we can talk about Kawhi sucking in games 6 and 7 when he needs to be a star, but he's already won two titles and has proven himself. 

Remember, the whole 'chemistry' thing the Clippers bitched about stemmed from Montrezl Harrell and George getting into it: 

I need an honest answer from Kawhi more than anything right now. Let us hear his actual thoughts on Paul George and everything going on. At least let his uncle talk or something. We need more drama like that with the Clippers, it's only fitting for how this franchise is viewed. Paul George man. What a fall in the playoffs from a guy who everyone thought could come through when he was on the Pacers because of that one year he played well against LeBron.