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KFC Radio Female Listener Asks "Are Blue Balls A Real Thing? Or Have Girls Been Duped?" - Episode 118

Do our balls swell up and turn blue, ladies? No. No they do not. Is there some sort of physical agony going on? No. As Feitelberg so aptly put it “Blue balls are about as real as your migraine headache.”

Physiologically there’s nothing actually happening. But mentally, after getting us all worked up and leaving us hanging, the mindset of “Blue Balls” is absolutely crippling. The emotional anguish is far worse than our balls aching. So, no girls. There is no medical symptoms of Blue Balls. If you thought our nuts were about to explode every time you dry humped us and then said “I’m sorry I can’t,” then yes, you were duped. But the rest of it is very, very real. And theres really nothing worse than that type of tease. So for all intents and purposes, carry on as if Blue Balls are 100% real. Its safer for everyone involved.

We also talk about being eskimo brothers with your real brother, how long you have to go down on your girlfriend for, the best advice we have to offer a college senior, how to film a porno, the Do’s and Don’ts of Manscaping, and more. Its KFC Radio episode 118 on Memorial Day Friday, what could be better?