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The Chiefs Sent A Bottle Of Dom Signed By Mahomes And Chris Jones To The Woman Who Beat Schefter On The Patrick Mahomes Extension News

Now you may be wondering why a bottle of Dom besides the fact it's expensive and just a nice gift? Well, let's rewind back to July when this tweet happened: 

More importantly Katie - a liquor store owner in Kansas City - scooped Schefter by a damn near hour. Schefter eventually recognized her greatness and ability to outscoop him based on liquor purchases and bent the knee: 

What an A+ message from Brett Veach too. 'We had one bottle left and figured you'd appreciate it the most.' 

Just another quick shove to push Schefter more in the locker that Katie already stuffed him in. I love it. It makes me actually like the Chiefs. I hope they keep this bit up and let random business owners and workers across the city announce the news on Twitter and force Schefter to credit them on team news. Oh Andy Reid is going to retire? Well you better credit Bill who is the store manager at Joe's Hardware on Main Street. 

Getting this for 10 extra years is simply cheating. I refuse to believe this is allowed

PS: Good luck prying this bottle out of Katie's cold, dead hands