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Anthony Davis Screaming 'KOBE' After Hitting The Game-Winning Shot While Wearing The Black Mamba Jerseys Is A 20 Outta 10 Move

Goddamnit I hate how cool this move is. I've said it before but I'll say it again, there is nothing more universally agreed on than yelling 'Kobe' when shooting something. It can be a piece of paper in the trash, socks in the laundry, whatever. We just all agree it's 'KOBE' and nobody else's name. Always have been, always will. Now when you're a top-5 player in the league, hitting a game-winner in the Western Conference Finals while wearing uniforms to honor Kobe and you yell it? Well that's simply a 20 outta 10 move. 

This is the thing about sports too, it's all just kind of fitting. How many times do we see shit like this happen? It stops feeling like a coincidence when it's damn near every time. If there's a special jersey worn or something happening to honor someone, there's just a big time play. That said, AD's quote is fucking hilarious. 'We never want to lose in these jerseys' uhh wait, 'actually we never want to lose at all.' Forgot about all the other games the Lakes play there for a quick second. 


PS: I also imagined AD screaming Kobe in Chappelle's voice

PPS: It is still so weird to see these game-winners with no fan reactions. I miss the sound of the place just going absolutely silent or vice versa. Just so quiet and the team celebrating. It's pure basketball, but these are the times I miss fans.