Losing An Emmy Has Never Been As Funny & Bizarre As It Was Last Night

I know this isn't the usual kinda topic I'm bloggin about, but this just cracked me up last night, so I said fuck it!

Apparently, these Monsters Inc CDA lookin motherfuckers drove all around LA last night, showing up at the doorstep of all of those nominated for an Emmy.....and if the person who's house they were at didn't win? Well - then they just got a wave and a goodbye! 

Take one good hard look at this Emmy, cause it'll be your last! It ain't for you! See ya!

Bruuuutal. Talk about "so close, yet so far", eh? Absolutely hilarious.

P.S. If I ever win an Emmy (don't rule it out, Jeff D Lowe and Loud Sean have like 12 between them), I hope it's during a pandemic year. Making your speech from the couch with all of your friends and family seems ideal. In fact, it seems amazing.