Twitter Was Invented Exactly For This Moment - Montrezl Harrell Tweets About How He's Done With The Falcons Blowing Big Leads Right After Blowing A 3-1 Lead

This is exactly why Twitter was invented, for moments like this. That said, Montrezl had to know what was going to happen the moment he pressed 'send tweet' on this. You can't make fun of the Falcons blowing leads when you play for the goddamn Clippers. You especially can't do that less than a week after you blew a 3-1 lead and you personally could not guard Nikola Jokic. No sir. You just have to sit this one out. Send a text message instead to get your frustration out. That or just get a couple thousand more followers, either one really. That said, I love when we see Twitter join together in a moment of time like this. People aren't just going to stop making fun of the Clippers. Oh, no. Not one bit. So when Harrell does this, everyone needs to respond exactly as such. 

PS: My favorite lead that Harrell blew