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The Atlanta Falcons Have Done It Again

Dan Quinn did it again, folks.

After the Dallas Cowboys played quite possibly the worst first quarter in NFL history with four fumbles — and a fifth that was overturned upon review — and a turnover on downs, the Falcons held a 20-0 lead. You would assume most teams would be able to keep that for the rest of the game and get to 1-1 to put their season back on track.

The Atlanta Falcons are not most teams.

The whole 28-3 thing doesn't even really hurt me anymore because I have simply accepted that this franchise is a joke and will never win anything, but it sure seems like it still affects those guys. That onside kick is the most Falcons play to ever happen in the history of the franchise. How in the world do you stand there and watch a kick — that the game is hinging upon — that you are the only team allowed to touch?! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS JUST FALL ON IT! It's mind-boggling.

And I really don't feel good saying anybody should be fired because those are real people and it's their livelihood, but my God. Dan Quinn seems like a really good man and the players seem to like playing for him but at some point, enough has to be enough. This team simply has too much talent to continue doing this shit.

I still seriously can't believe the Falcons lost that game. I even knew throughout that we would probably lose that game and I still can't wrap my brain around it. Mike McCarthy made about every bad decision a coach can make, his team turned the ball over every possession for half the game and the Falcons just handed it right back to them in what was a season-altering loss.

Whatever, the Braves' magic number to win a third consecutive NL East title is six. That is what we should all be focusing on right now.