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Bryson DeChambeau Dominates And Wins The 2020 US Open At Winged Foot By Six Strokes

What. A. Sunday. From. Bryson. He was absolute nails out there today. Utter domination on his way to his first major championship. It's obviously easy to say now but you could just tell from early on in the round that Bryson felt more comfortable out there than Matthew Wolff. I don't wanna go all Johnny Miller and say Wolff started feeling the nerves of leading a major championship on Sunday but there's a chance he felt the nerves. And can you blame him? He's a 21-year-old kid playing in his first ever US Open. There's gonna be nerves. He's gonna be in that position countless more times over the course of his career and feel more comfortable each time. On the flip side, it never appeared that Bryson felt any nerves whatsoever. He just methodically worked his way around a REALLY tough golf course, stayed steady as Wolff started to implode as the round progressed and ended up DOMINATING. The only guy to finish under par for the tournament. You can't say enough about how impressive Bryson was out there today.

More generally, what a year it's been for Bryson DeChambeau. What a crazy rollercoaster. He has been the most interesting golfer BY FAR since the restart. I honestly can't name another golfer who came close to bringing as many eyeballs to the sport as Bryson, outside of Tiger Woods being Tiger Woods. And it wasn't always bringing eyeballs because of the positive things he was doing. Bryson really did it all from morphing himself into the Incredible Hulk to beefing with Brooks Koepka to beefing with non-existent fans at tournaments to everything else in between. What I'm trying to say is Bryson is polarizing. Bryson DeChambeau is a polarizing athlete and, whether you love him or hate him, you were watching.

And say what you want about Bryson (god knows we have on Fore Play) but it worked. It all worked. He shut up the h8ers and losers (of which there are MANY) who doubted what he was doing. The Ben Hogan hat, the single length irons, the science, the bulking up on protein shakes, the bombing the golf ball, the spraying water on the golf ball to simulate morning dew, the crazy antics, the beef with Brooks Koepka, all of it. All of it amounted to him winning the US Open at Winged Foot by a mind boggling six strokes. Bryson DeChambeau is a major champion and no one can ever take that away from him.

This feels like a billion years ago 

Congratulations to Bryson. Feel free to come on the podcast and dance on our graves.