The Philadelphia Eagles Are An Embarrassing Football Team

Fuck this team.  Just...fuck this team.  Last week the offense gives up 8 sacks, this week the defense CAN'T.  STOP.  DICK.  449 yards given up.  Seemingly every drive resulting in a TD.  If it wasn't for a gimmie TD off a Cooper Kupp fumble to close out the first half on a punt that shouldn't have even have been caught, this isn't even close for as long as it was.  Not to mention that Carson Wentz is going to have to answer to the people and possibly the Almighty after the last 6 quarters of football.  Very much questioning his cognitive ability not just in the game, but life after THROWING TO JJ ARCEGA WHITESIDE IN DOUBLE COVERAGE ON FIRST DOWN WHAT THE FUCK GOOD IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!  Just an overall shit game by Wentz with nobody to blame but himself.  

The ONLY saving grace is that 6-10 is legitimately going to win the NFC East, but everyone needs to be put on notice for the Eagles.  GM.  Coaches.  Offense.  Defense.  That dickbean Spadaro.