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Some Dude Broke Into Fenway Park And Started Screaming About 9/11 And The Boston Marathon

As much as I'd love to joke about this situation, I have no idea if this person is mentally ill, absolutely shitfaced or a combination of the two. So, to play it safe, let's not make fun of him until we can confirm that he was just shitfaced.

Anyway, this would happen in Boston before it happened anywhere else. Homeboy watched The Town one too many times and decided to break into Fenway, only instead of pulling off the heist of the century, he decided to yell about 9/11, the Boston Marathon, America, and throw some hats. I dunno. Doesn't feel very well thought out. 2020 is just fucking weird, man. Anything can happen. We've gone from drone delays to fan break-in delays. Gotta stay on your toes at all times. Especially if you're Fenway Park security. I mean, Jesus Christ, guys. I love you all, but let's look alive out there.