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Andy Reid Has Added 'NHL-Style Defogging Technology' to His Face Shield

After looking like he was coaching through a thick haze of his own moisture last Thursday night, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has reportedly added "NHL-style defogging technology" to his now-patented face shield look.

ESPN — Chiefs coach Andy Reid on Sunday will wear the same face shield he wore for Kansas City's regular-season opener.

But Chiefs equipment manager Allen Wright has secured and deployed a product that hockey players use to defog their masks, Reid said over the weekend.

Reid is expecting better visibility results in Sunday's game against the Chargers than he got in the Sept. 10 opener against the Texans, when his shield fogged up throughout the game and became a memorable image from Week 1.

I love the commitment to refusing to wear a mask like everybody else. I'm not going to call Reid an anti-masker, but I think the fact that somebody spent a week looking for defogging technologies speaks for itself.

I didn't even know such a thing existed, but I think I speak for America when I say we are all sad it does. Reid's face shield was the first time in quite some time that all of sports Twitter was together on one meme. It felt good to be back.


So long, Foggy Andy Reid. We hardly knew ye.