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Video Emerges Showing Danny Lee 6-Putting (SIX!) At Winged Foot

That's Winged Foot for ya!!

The crazy part is Danny Lee came to Winged Foot's 18th hole yesterday just 3-over for the day with a 4-footer for par. He then 6-putted, wrote down a 9 on the hole and a 78 for the day then withdrew with a "wrist injury."

So close to the clubhouse. So close to surviving Winged Foot. So close to keeping it all together, not freaking out, and posting a solid number. Just 4 feet away actually. Then this got in the way:

Miss from 4 feet.

Miss from 5'7.

Miss from 5'10.

Miss from 6'11.

Miss from 3'9.

Make from 7'7. 

That's Winged Foot for ya. 

PS -- Unnecessary cheap shot at Frankie. My bad. Wanted to get that tweet up quickly and that's just what popped into my head.