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Detroit Man Arrested After Successfully Jumping Drawbridge in His Car

A few lucky police officers in Detroit surely felt like a bunch of proud father's after disciplining their child for doing something bad but awesome when they arrested Miguel Gomez for jumping the Fort Street drawbridge.  

Do yourself a favor and check out the amazing job this local 4 news team did reporting on this lunatic, as seen in this short video. 

I particularly like the part where the shocked drawbridge operator said "No he aint" when watching Gomez just swerve around the arm gate and floor it up the steep incline.  That and probably the fact that he was high on whippets and they zoomed in on one of his whippet bottles that the police put on the roof of his smashed in car. He flattened all four tires and totaled his car, but he made the fucking jump and is alive. 

According to this Detroit Free Press article, they charged him with reckless driving and destruction of property for destroying an armed gate which he smashed through on the other side of the bridge after he landed the jump while violently scream laughing. I don't think those charges will stick though and I'm pretty sure the cops just wanted to keep him over night to try and pry some other stories out of him, because a guy who successfully jumps a draw bridge on whippets is a guy that is sitting on a few doozies. 

The worst part of this story by far is that the Michigan Department of Transportation claim there is no surveillance footage of the jump which sounds odd to me. Release the tape MDOT, we need this man.