Say What You Want About Bryson DeChambeau But We Can All Agree That Uncrustables Are Delicious

Listen we've all had our issues with Bryson DeChambeau recently. It's no secret that he's become an increasingly hard guy to like. Bryson has a unique skill that allows him to be able to piss off just about everyone all at the same time. Whether it be becoming the Incredible Hulk or beefing with rules officials or endlessly driving his Bentley around in his silent movie or yelling at people to be quiet at tournaments where there aren't any fans or becoming a punching bag for Brooks Koepka or whatever else he's done over the last 18 months. Bryson has just done a lot of things that make him, how do I say it, incredibly unlikeable.

But with all that said, we can all agree that Uncrustables are delicious. They're one of the best snacks on all of God's green earth. I think at one point or another I've said that they are by far the best snack to have on a golf course. You grab a couple at the turn and it's a brand new round. They're soft and delicious and refreshing. They're perfect. So seeing Bryson strolling down the fairway at the US Open chowing down on an Uncrustable warmed my heart. For a brief second it made our checkered past just melt away. Because if there's one thing in the world that all of us and Bryson can come together and agree on, it's our shared love of Uncrustables. Uncrustables bring the world together.