Colby Covington Tells Megan Olivi What He Fears Most About Tyron Woodley Tonight

Alright, I'll give it to him - that was funny! Well done, Colby, well done! 

I'd much rather the silly-but-comical heel shit like this than he start throwing around claims that Tyron is a "domestic terrorist sympathizer" because he said "Black Lives Matter" a bunch at the presser....

Get that insanely divisive bullshit the fuck out of the world right now. Nobody needs that shit, especially in the UFC in 2020, which Dana White has constantly marketed as an escape from the horrors of the outside world. Fuck Tito Ortiz too.

Back to the lighthearted Covington clip, tho - if you weren't aware, Tyron Woodley actually fancies himself a rapper....

….annnnnnd uhhhhh, it ain't great. In fact, it's pretty, well….umm….it's pretty bad. Sorry Tyron.

I'm hoping to see a rare performance outta the (heavy) underdog in Woodley tonight, where he lets his hands go and fights like he used to so we have a brawl on our hands, but I really just can't see him beating Covington. I think he's gonna push the pace WAAAAY too much for 38-year-old Tyron Woodley to handle.

P.S. I don't know how much money Colby Covington is bringing in right now, but it better be an astronomical figure for his sake, because he's completely thrown away his entire legacy as a fighter at this point. He's a tremendous mixed martial artist that will legitimately NEVER be remembered as such because the hokey political simp gimmick will overshadow the in-cage performances tenfold. Talk about sellin your soul!