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Ty Lawson Got Banned For Life From The CBA For Instagramming 'Chinese Women Got Cakes On The Low' And A Picture Of Him Getting A Lap Dance

All things considered this is the funniest way to get banned from a league. Just throw out that you might start fucking more Chinese women, follow it up with what appears to be a lap dance and bam, you're thrown out. Ty Lawson was averaging 27 points per game too! It's not like he was over there doing nothing on the court. This is his fourth season over in the CBA so it's not even like he's new there. Dude just getting banned for being horny. 

All things considered it feels like this is right for Ty Lawson. I searched his name on our site and these are the 3 blogs we have on him: 

Needless to say maybe he should chill on Instagram? Also it just proves that you should never, ever do anything with your phone if you're a strip club - assuming that's where Lawson is with the lap dance picture. But now he's just the dude who got suspended for life because he thought Chinese women got cakes. Hard to argue with that, just gonna take his word for it.