'It Pissed Me Off' - LeBron Went Full Bron Bron And Bitched, Moaned And Cried About Not Winning The MVP

Look at this fucking crybaby. Here's the thing, if LeBron embraced THIS his entire career I'd be cool with it. He'd have every right to bitch and play the villain but the fact is when he was in Miami he talked about how he hated being disliked. Well guess what dude, that means no bitching about not winning the MVP. Yeah people aren't going to vote for you because Giannis had the better regular season. This happens every single year throughout history. People got bored voting for MJ so Karl Malone won an MVP. The whole MVP voting is stupid anyways, no one actually defines 'valuable' it's just who had the best regular season. You can't also spend time bitching about this and then say 'I never said I was going to talk about MVP's or championships when I came into the league.' Bro, yes you were. You were the Chosen One. You were the No. 1 overall pick and the biggest hype train of all time. 

It was completely unintentional but I did laugh at him saying he's come in second a lot in his career. Just a jab at himself without him even truly knowing or meaning it. Again, you can be pissed off but when you spent your entire career whining and refusing to be the villain you don't get that move now. Crybaby.