Kid Suspended From School For Having A Nerf Gun Bullet In His Pocket Because That's A Weapon


(Source)On May 8, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 5th grader Aarin Moody reached into his pocket to retrieve a “late note” from his mother and a Nerf gun foam “bullet” fell out. Officials at the Atlantic City School District categorized the toy bullet as a “self-constructed weapon” because “it had a toothpick stuck in it.” As a result, Moody received “a five-day, in-school suspension and a notation on his permanent record stating that he brought a makeshift weapon to school.” According to Fox News, the 5th grader put toothpicks in the Nerf bullets “so they would stick to the ground when he fired them from his Nerf gun.” Moody said he did not put the toothpicks in to cause mischief. The 5th grader said, “They want me to like say that I did it on purpose, [that] I put it in my pocket to hurt someone.” The school initially told Moody’s mom “her son would be expelled.” The school’s weapons policy bars “Anything readily capable of lethal use or inflicting serious bodily injury.” Moody’s mom said, “her son suffers from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and has suffered in the past from anger management issues.” But she believes her son’s suspension was the result of “a complaint [she filed] against the board claiming harassment issues from a supervisor during her time as a substitute custodian in the district.”






Hey look I love these “schools are out of control! They’re suspending kids for eating their Pop Tarts in a shape that looks like a gun! They must be stopped!” I totally agree that 99.9% of the time there’s a huge overreaction. But, frankly, I don’t think 5 days is enough in this situation. Dead serious. I mean, did you see this fucking thing?


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That is INSANE. I mean it’s genius, but it’s also insane. That thing is 100% a weapon and it was 100% done on purpose. It’s like putting a rock in the wiffle ball to make it knuckle. Once you get me with it I’ll tip my cap, but don’t pretend that was some accident and you have no idea how it got in there. You wanted to take an eye out. I respect the game, nerf war is still war and you’ve got to be willing to do anything to win. But don’t come with the woe is me stuff. Sticking toothpicks in your nerf bullets to blind your opponents coupled with that ADD/anger problem means you’re about 10 years from shooting up the school. Rather than a 5 day suspension they should lock your ass up now on some Minority Report future crimes shit.