Weekend Wake Up: Andddddd Boom Goes The Dynamite

All time classic here, and you know it's a classic because it has "" in the corner. Real ones remember ebaumsworld. This video is up there with the Alabama Leprechaun, Whistle Tips, and Unforgiveable as the original laugh out loud funny Youtube videos. The boom goes the dynamite guy is a legend that will never be forgotten. The guy absolutely butchered his sports segment in a way no one has ever butchered something before. You name it, he messed it up. But the one thing he did nail, his catchphrase. I'm sure he spent HOURS the night before starring into a mirror repeating "and boom goes the dynamite". A fantastic call that would make Joe Buck proud. Everything about this video is funny too. He legit can't get a sentence out but he keeps on trucking through. Live TV baby, nothing like it.