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Is That Gordon Hayward Music?!?!?!

Everyone knows Game 3 is pretty much a must win for this team to keep their season alive. Everyone also knows that the Celts have had a world of trouble with Miami's zone. How do they fix it? Enter this man

I have no idea what to expect when it comes to how Hayward will look, the dude hasn't played a game in 5 weeks. I'm sure there will be rust. But there's no denying that he is exactly what this team needs right now. A 6'7 point forward who makes good decisions, thrives in the midrange, and can in theory be much added shooting to help bust the zone. Play him off ball, have him run point, his versatility is a legit weapon. 

What I do know though is going from OUT to QUESTIONABLE is the first bit of good news I've seen for this team in the last 24 hours. They shouldn't have to be relying on a guy with a maybe bum ankle who hasn't played in a month but here we are. You blow two double digit leads and this is what happens.

I imagine he'll come off the bench to start and be on a minutes restriction if he does actually play, and that's fine by me. Just get him out there, put him at the FT line and move the goddamn ball. Please.