Let "Rocks Off" Take You Into The Motherfuckin' Weekend

One of the most sex-and-drugged-out albums ever made (both in material and the making of) kicks off with this raw and ragged banger that's more than appropriate to kick the weekend off with. Frequently mentioned among the best rock albums ever made, "Exile On Main St." was the Stones first double album (non-compilation) and it came out while they were essentially at the peak of their powers. 

"Beggars Banquet", "Let It Bleed", "Sticky Fingers", and "Exile On Main St." all dropping in a 3.5 year span is unfathomable by today's standards. I still remember gettng my first CD copy of "Exile" (hey Columbia House? Ya beat!) and initially not playing it as much because it only had two "hits" (by Stones compilation standards). But eventually it hooks you in like the dope at the French mansion basement they made the album in. "Exile" had a dirty/dusty, bluesy swagger that was much, much more than "Tumbling Dice" and "Happy". Additionally, the re-issue that came out a few years ago is well worth the sonic upgrade and outtakes, some of which probably should've made the cut. (For real though, more people died during the making of "Exile on Main St." than any four FRIDAY THE 13TH movies combined but the two Micks, Keef, Charlie, and Bill somehow managed to get out alive. And the Stones are still doing it 48 fucking years later.)

Anyways, have a great weekend everybody. 

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