BOOM!!! White Sox Call Up Garrett Crochet

WOW what a Friday afternoon news dump by the White Sox. Remember when I said they had talent on talent on talent still waiting in hushed alleys ready to be deployed on the league, even though they have the best record in the AL? Well they just deployed one of those talents in 2020 11th overall pick Garrett Crochet.

Yes, you read that correctly. Crochet was drafted just 3 months ago. THREE!!! Reports coming out of Schaumburg have said that he's been fucking filthy there all summer and has made hitters look stupid. I've talked to a few players about him (OMG WSD thinks he's so cool talking to players and is totally name dropping!!) and here are a few of the adjectives and quotes used to describe him:

"dude is straight up FUEL"
"lefties won't stand a chance on him"
"absolute fuego arm" 

You don't have to take it from them though, take it from his tape: 

A 6'6", bean pole skinny LHP that throws upper 90s cheddar from a low 3/4s arm slot... that remind you of anybody? 

Giphy Images.

Yup. Dude's filthy. 

Yup. That's fuel, or fuego, or whatever else you want to call it. His off speed is whiffle ball shit too. Might take a minute for him to hone his command, but at worst he could turn into a Josh Hader/Andrew Miller in the back end of a pen or at best a freak starter. We'll find out soon enough.

Now, that's also not to say that there won't be growing pains and jitters, because there will be, but the White Sox will deploy him in a manner that best suits him and the team in terms of easing him into big league ball aka he'll be out of the pen. That's perfectly fine with me. That's what they did with Sale, Rodon and others before him, and it's worked out great. 

Can't wait to see this kid pitch. ndrew Vaughn, you're on deck. I am really shocked this is happening, as we all figured we'd be seeing him in 2021 because they don't NEED him right now, he's just a luxury that can fist fuck hitters right here, right now in the front office's eyes. This move tells me they're going all in to make a deep run in October and I fucking LOVE it. 

Pray for the fucking league. Fuck the Yankees