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Tony Finau And Jon Rahm Are VERY Happy To Be Done Playing Winged Foot Today

Live look at all of us who wanted carnage at the US Open

Now THAT is what the fuck I'm talking about. I want these players BEGGING to leave the course there's so much carnage. I want them waking up in the fetal position thinking about the rough at Winged Foot. I want them calling home to their loved ones from the hotel talking about how hard the course is. There were simply too many low scores on Thursday for a US Open but it seems like Winged Foot is rounding into shape and beating these guys up. I mean look at Jon Rahm in that picture! He looks like he just went 12 rounds with Tyson. Again, that's what the fuck I'm talking about.

Sure seems like this rumor floating around might've had some truth to it.........


More of this please 

That's Winged Foot for ya.

Wanna see how Steve and the guys get Winged Foot ready for the US Open and make guys like Tony and Jon happy to leave the property for the day? Here you go.