At 11:35 Conan Told Everyone To Turn Him Off And Switch To Dave


Kimmel ran a rerun and then this great gesture by Conan mid-show. Another guy who was fucked over by NBC telling his audience to turn him off and turn on Letterman. It just shows the amount of respect these guys have for him. They wouldn’t do something like that for Leno. But Letterman paved the way for guys like Conan. Remember when Conan was the hottest shit going? That was a fun year. He was the biggest name on television. Then the Tonight Show debacle happened, he had to change his show, nobody watched it, Leno demanded it back, and now he toils away over on TBS. I don’t know anyone who still tunes in, it sucks. But he’s still a class act, and that’s probably more important than ratings. Well, almost more important.