Giannis Keeps Talking Like He Has No Intention Of Leaving The Bucks

Just like we all expected, Giannis won his second MVP today. That should surprise a total of zero (0) people. He absolutely deserved it no matter what LeBron fans want you to believe. Remember, this is a REGULAR SEASON award and no player had a more dominant regular season than Giannis. Ultimately that meant dick in terms of their playoff hopes, but that's not what the award is about.

So why am I even blogging this? Well there's a pretty significant update to the #1 Giannis story out there. His future

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I'll say it again. You can't be talking like Giannis has been whether it's about running through a wall and staying around in MIL for the next 15 years if ultimately you are going to not sign your extension and leave. The Bucks ownership already said they'll go into the luxury tax even if they don't end up trading for Chris Paul. 

After such a disappointing postseason, this has to make Bucks fans feel better. I wonder if the media will make as big a deal about that quote as they love to do talking about Giannis leaving. My guess is they won't.  To play devils advocate he could always later say the team wasn't on the same page so he did technically leave himself an out, but everything we've heard from the Bucks side is they are very much willing to do whatever they can to show Giannis they are committed.

All I know is you can't be talking this much about staying and then not stay. As someone who has lived through that exact scenario with his favorite team I wouldn't say this is similar to the Kyrie situation but I also wouldn't fault any Bucks fan that would still be nervous until he signs on the dotted line.

If he does stay though, the focus has to turn to the potential free agency of Kawhi/George right? They can decline their player options and enter the market in the summer of 2021. I imagine any team that misses out on Giannis will be interested.