Chair Condoms? In This Economy?

Im so sick of this kinda shit. Every day there's a different kind of condom on the market. First, it's the penis condom. Now, it's the chair condom. Where does it end and I'm not talking about that weird bubble that forms at the end of the condom after you jerk off in it have sex with one on. 

Are chairs leaving scuffs on your floor an issue? Certainly. Wood floors OR TILE are pricy and we must protect them at all costs unless that cost is chair condoms UNLESS AGAIN I can get a 12-pack of floor condoms for 19.99. A penny more than 20 dollars and you can count me out just like the first round in dodge ball. (I've never been good at dodging things whether that be balls or bullets). Takes a big man who has slimmed down considerably to admit that.