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I Want The White Sox To Sign Lauren Shehadi To Play RF Right NOW

YES PLEASE!!! I'm not joking when I say this, Lauren Shehadi has an awesome, awesome swing. Like that bat bath? That attack angle would equate to a TON of loft, a TON of hard contact and when you pair a ton of loft with a ton of hard contact, you hit a TON of dingers. I would like to see a little more back leg/hip drive, but that's just nit picking, and she's wearing Jordans.  Hard to drive through a baseball wearing J's. But you know who doesn't have a ton of Dingers?

Nomar Mazara. In fact me, you and everyone else reading this blog has the same amount of dingers in this 60 game season as Nomar Mazara. ZERO. Here's his stat line this year: 

.217/.291/.264 with a 59 wRC+, with the aforementioned ZERO (0) bombs. I mean this team is a wagon so you can cover his warts, but goddamn has he been bad. I don't know why they haven't just conceded that this was a miss of a trade (though it was fine at the time) and play Engel or sign Lauren and play either one of them there the rest of the year. With Engel, at the very worst you're getting a player who plays incredible ++ defense and that would allow Robert to shade Eloy in left to compensate for his awful defensive play. 

Whatever though. Again, this team is loaded. They have more than enough offensive firepower in the other 8 spots in the order and on the diamond to make up for Mazara if they keep trotting him out there, which they shouldn't. Tis what it is.

Go Sox. Sign Lauren