If You Won A Lamborghini From Young Dolph, Would You Keep Or Sell It?

You probably don't know this, but Young Dolph is one of my favorite rappers to get hyped to. You also probably don't know who Young Dolph is and that's ok! There's so many artists in the rap game that have their first name as "Young", it's quite difficult to keep track. I remember discovering Young Dolph during my sophomore year at IUPUI. Ever since I heard "100 Shots" I was sold. Shit was and still is a banger. It might be the greatest song ever created that didn't have a beat drop. 

Mr. Dolph has a new album coming out this year and what better way to promote his new project than by giving away a brand new lamborghini to one of his fans? This lucky lady in Dallas won it and seems to be loving it! My question for you is, would you keep the lambo or sell it? 

If there's 2 things I never understood, it's math classes and cars. Never cared for them, never will. If I won this lambo and went off of the feedback from Twitter, I'd happily sell this car for 200K! Besides, everyone on Twitter knows everything! I couldn't find information as to whether Young Dolph is paying the car off fully or not, but if he isn't, I'm assuming that's a shitload of insurance you'd have to pay for. And besides, I have a car that I've been driving since my junior year in High School that not only I love, but everyone else loves. The BBC.

The Big Black Car baby! Or as my parents call it, the 2005 Chevy Equinox. All of my friends love riding the BBC. Women, men, you name it. The BBC has everything you need. Heated seats, a semi broken Pioneer radio system, and an experience that will leave you satisfied. Even though it's a BBC, I've never crashed or done any damage to anything or anyone. Looks can be deceiving, but it's truly a one of a kind machine.

So yes, I would 100% sell this car. My only worry is hurting Young Dolph's feelings, but he's also making millions of dollars so this lambo might be equivalent to you and I buying a PS5. Shoutout to Young Dolph for giving back to his fans. If you workout or want some motivation to punch a wall, I'd highly recommend checking him out.