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So Much For Coach K Actually Caring And Loving College Hoops: Duke Is The ONLY Team To Not Confirm They'll Go To South Dakota For The Battle 4 Atlantis

Wait, is Coach K scared to leave Durham and play somewhere else? I thought this guy loved the sport of college hoops. I thought he was all about the kids and making sure everyone got a fair shot, wasn't the point of the all-inclusive tournament he helped come up with? Now they are the ONLY team not to confirm they'll play in the Battle 4 Atlantis in South Dakota? Seems fishy to me. Gotta wonder what is he running from. He'll 100% have the refs on his side no matter where Duke plays. Is he nervous this Duke team isn't as good as their preseason ranking will be? Because that's just a fact. 

This is a bad look for Duke. You can't be the only team in a tournament full of major programs refusing to confirm they'll play. You just gotta go take your losses in South Dakota. It's lovely in November, I've always heard that about Sioux Falls. But then again it's Coach K. If he doesn't get his way he'll just pout and blame other people and probably yell at Duke students again. Some things never change. Sure would suck to cheer for a coach that isn't worried about his players wanting to play right now.