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It's Lunch Time On Friday, So Let's Rewatch The Animal Cracker Scene With Liv Tyler And Ben Affleck From Armageddon

As everyone knows, yesterday was Alicia Silverstone Day here at Barstool:

What do you do to follow up the Alicia Silverstone Day you invented out of the blue? Dedicate the next day's lunch hour to her co-star in the Crazy music video of course! 

We didn't know what was about to happen once that perfectly imperfect team of drillers that always hit their depth were shot into space, but we had a feeling it wouldn't be good. However, for a couple of minutes none of that mattered as we watched true love unfold on the silver screen in a movie theater packed with people that would give anything to be that edible gazelle or cheetah before the angelic voice of Steven Tyler took us home. 

Moving along from the #JackinOff portion of the blog to the #SnackinOff portion of the blog, I consider the animal cracker to be a hybrid of a cracker and a cookie. It's clearly more cookie than cracker based on taste as well as what you would want to eat it with. However, there is something in its DNA that stops it from being a full blown cookie, hence why it usually skews to the border between cookies and crackers in the grocery store. Same goes for graham crackers, which my mamamluke 2.5 year old learned should not be treated the same as a salty snack.

I also have a take that either of these delicious treats could be the perfect snack because they taste good but aren't so good that you will blindly eat the entire package, which is my biggest problem with snacks that are better. But that's another take for another time.

Have a great lunch everybody!