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Chris Mack Is Trying To Set Up A College Hoops Bubble In Louisville Through Twitter, Finally Proving This App Is Perfect

I'm not one to give Louisville credit, but this is 2020 and things don't make sense. I love what Chris Mack is doing here and I'd love it more if they get all local teams in. Give me Kentucky, Louisville, Cincinnati, Memphis, Purdue, Western Kentucky, Butler as the core group and then fill it out. I don't care if it's centered around this being moved: 

I also love how this reads like a LinkedIn message you get for some sort of meeting. 'Spots filling fast!' That's the default message for anyone trying to get any sort of response. But with this season we have to get creative, so I'll give Mack the nod there. We're seeing shit fly all over the place when it comes to college hoops scheduling. Trying to figure out your nonconference this year and the lack of buy-games (since the major program won't make money on a crowd) is going to be be a real thing. So on one hand it could be awesome where we get a shit ton of big time schools playing each other and matchups we all want to see. This is another one of those cases. 

I think we're going to see a handful of these pop up early in the nonconference. It sounds more and more like we're not going to do a bubble for conference play or anything like that, but if you can do a week of nonconference play in a bubble like this and get 3 games out of it, it's a win. Just gotta knock out a couple of them and we're in fine shape this season.