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ALERT: Tyler Childers Has Released A New Album And It's Almost Entirely Instrumentals

Tyler Childers is one of those artists that I will stop in my tracks, drop everything I'm doing, and immediately hit play when he releases a new album. This one...I've never come across something like this. The title track you just hit play on above is the only song with any lyrics and yet...this is a really great album. Put it on in the background and go about your day. You foot will be a tapping and your fingers will be a snapping and you won't even realize it. That is one of the marks of good music. HEAVY fiddle, deep blue grass, and at times if you close your eyes you'll think you're walking around the temple bar area in Dublin. Why would anyone in 2020 put out an album without any lyrics in 2020? Well Tyler Childers knew people would think it was fucking weird so he released a statement

An honest to goodness great message. A powerful one to an audience which may need to hear it. I remember reading a book by General Stanley McChrystal a few years back. He said the most important trait a leader MUST have is the ability to empathize. Empathize with your soldiers, with their families, and even with your enemy. It always stuck with me and hearing that message again from Childers here rings in my ears the same way his fiddle does. It's memorable and impactful. Here are the lyrics he wrote to explain how he is feeling

It's the worst that it's been since the last time it happened
It's happening again right in front of our eyes
It's updated footage, wild speculation
Tall tales and hearsay and absolute lies

Been passed off as factual when actually, the actual
Causes they're awkwardly blockin' the way
Keeping us all from enjoyin' our evening
Shoving its roots through the screens in our face

Now, what would you give if you heard my opinion
Conjecturin' on matters that I ain't never dreamed
In all my born days as a white boy from Hickman
Based on the way that the world's been to me?

It's called mе belligerent, it's stuck mе for ignorant
But it ain't never once made me just scared to be
Could you imagine just constantly worryin'
Kickin' and fightin', beggin' to breathe?

How many boys could they haul off this mountain
Shoot full of holes, cuffed and laid in the streets
Til we come in to town in a stark ravin' anger
Looking for answers and armed to the teeth?

Thirty aught sixes, Papa's old pistol
How many, you reckon, would it be, four or five?
Oh, would that be the start of a long, violent history
Tuckin' our tails as we try to abide?