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Here We Have Phil Mickelson Using A Fairway Wood Outta The Rough With One Foot In A Bunker At The US Open

Folks..........that's Winged Foot for you. And that's also a +9 Phil Mickelson for you. Just out there doing crazy shit to keep himself interested before he gets sent home. The title of this blog looks like a mad lib which is a good way to describe the things Phil does sometimes. Ball on the lip of the bunker? Well let's just pull 3 wood and see what happens. And it pretty much worked. 

This isn't exactly new for Phil. In fact just recently at the Safeway Open he pulled driver while in the rough 

And that worked too! I think Phil really loves the Phil Is A Crazy Man Who Will Try Anything reputation he has and it makes him do crazy shit because he knows people will talk about it but you know what? Good. I'm glad he keeps doing this stuff, and if it works out, even better.