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This Is What I'm Talking About: Pranksters Pretend To Shit On A Lamborghini And Get Tasered


This is what I’m talking about.  I wrote a blog a while back saying I want to see the people who do stupid pranks get injured so maybe they’ll stop doing them all together.  I wanted somebody to get punched in the face but getting tasered works too.  Fuck people like this.  You pretend to shit on a dude’s car and then freak out when he gets mad and send electric volts through his body?  That’s not how the world works son.  They’re lucky he didn’t do more.  Will this stop these morons from doing pranks?  Unfortunately probably not.  They’ll get a billion hits on this video because he got tasered and it’ll just make them want to do it more.  It’s a vicious circle.  Since I’m somewhat resigned to that fact now I’m just happy to see guys like this get hurt in any way.  Getting tasered works for me.  We could only be so lucky if one time a person gets so mad that they straight up murder them in cold blood.  Fingers crossed.  If there’s any sort of real justice in this world then that person wouldn’t be charged.