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WILD Scenes At This Ecuadorian Funeral As Woman Twerks On Top Of Coffin

As they say "the Ecuadorians just get it."

I may or may not have made up that phrase but after seeing this video, it feels appropriate. This is how I want my funeral to go. A nice crowd, party atmosphere before my dead body is fed to the worms. None of that sad soppy shit where everyone gets in a room and cries. Let's get a fucking street party going where people can dance with my dead body. 

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Sadly, getting a crowd like this at a funeral would probably involve making friends so it's probably of the table for OMTE. 


A video of a woman twerking on top of a coffin has gone viral after being viewed by more than 10 million people.  

In the 24- second clip a woman can be seen dancing on top of a wooden coffin, which is balanced on two motorbikes.

The woman in the video is dressed in a black top and jeans and is twerking on top of the coffin to the song 'Ella Quiere Hmm..Haa..Hmm' by reggaeton artist Emcidues in front of the cheering crowd.

It's probably not the best idea to balance a massive coffin on two motorcycles while another human being climbs on top, but what do I know. This could just be a tradition that everyone knows about excepts for me. 

While it does feel a little unorthodox for someone to shake their ass on top of a literal dead body, it feels like a nice little send-off. It's a respect thing. Not too dissimilar to the handshake lines at the end of a playoff series if you think about it. It's all about respect. It would honestly be offensive if she didn't twerk all over this coffin.

The best part is that the entire audience is oo-ing and ah-ing at this performance. Which only brings me back to the fact that Ecuadorians just get it. As soon as this lady straddled the coffin, it turned into a legitimate part. People dancing, people singing, people cheering; the works. Just a real fiesta (Spanish word for party) atmosphere going on in those streets. Again, it just makes me jealous because I know my funeral isn't gonna be nearly as cool. 

She also leans over to plant a kiss on glass covering her loved one's face.

This… this was a little much. Twerking of top of the coffin? Fine, sure. Whatever. But when you're staring into the eyes of a dead man whilst twerking on his final resting bed, it's a tad much. There's a solid 5 second stretch in that video where she is just staring into his dead eyes. Then again, who am I to judge? When you're on top of the coffin, you make the rules.

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Her chance to mourn, her choice of what she does I suppose. Who is to tell her otherwise? 

Views on how the woman chose to say goodbye to her loved one, are split, as some Twitter users supported her by commenting on her obvious sad expression while others thought it was an indecent way of a send-off.  

Let the woman live! Jeez! Who is any to tell her how to mourn? It's her last chance to say goodbye in her own special way. If you have a problem with that, go kick rocks. She could've french kissed the glass for all I care. Lord knows it's how he would've wanted to go out.