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Joe Buck's Utter DISGUST At Randy Moss Fake Mooning The Lambeau Crowd Was The Most Important Call Of His Career And The Reason He Deserves To Go To The Hall Of Fame. Change My Mind.

I blogged about Joe Buck getting surprised by a 9 foot David Baker last night, which was met with the typical responses. Which is to say a bunch of people agreeing with the decision and a bunch of people criticizing it. Joe Buck was either a perfectly fine pick or hadn't done enough to be considered a football immortal. Well I am here to tell you that Joe Buck locked up his place in Canton 15 years ago when he almost lost his lunch all over Cris Collinsworth's suit (who I forgot used to do the games with Buck) after Randy Moss had the audacity to fake moon a crowd that real moons the players after games.

Did the people in Canton start working on Joe Buck's bust after that class in clutching your pearls journalism? Of course not. But what Joe did was indirectly light the fuse of two moments that would change the NFL forever.

One, it threw the entire media spotlight on Randy Moss, who was fined $10,000 for the DISGUSTING act and traded to the Raiders a month later amidst the controversy that comes with someone *checks notes* fake mooning a crowd. This of course led to the Patriots trading for Randy Moss and becoming an 18-0 juggernaut before losing to the Giants after one of the most amazing plays the world has ever seen in one of the biggest games the world has ever seen.

Yes, Joe Buck was the one calling that play. But all that call does is hurt his Canton candidacy considering it was one of the biggest whiffs in his career since:

A. I fell asleep while listening to it just now 


B. Bob Papa absolutely crushed the very same call on the radio.

Joe Buck's soul being assassinated on live television was an Arch Duke Ferdinand level moment that impacted the fate of three NFL teams (I'm not including the Raiders because they were going to suck in the mid-2000s no matter what) with one overreaction has nothing to do with why he is in Canton. The reason Joe Buck deserves to make the Hall of Fame for that Randy Moss call is because of how Moss paid that $10,00 fine as well as how he described it.


That's right. Joe Buck is technically responsible for the catch phrase "Straight cash homie" entering our vocabulary, which instantly makes him a Hall of Famer in my book. First ballot even. It's been my fantasy football team name in my "big league" for more than a decade now and remains the number 1 sports phrase ever. The Hall of Fame is about people that made a humongous impact on the game of football and I don't see anybody in Canton that gave us a greatest contribution than the phrase "Straight cash homie" (Randy doesn't get enough credit for the line about shaking his dick either. God I love Randy Moss).

So thank you Joe Buck for losing your shit about a grown adult fake mooning people. The world is a better place because of you and your outrage.

P.S. I know I didn't have to bring up the David Tyree call again since I talked about it. But it still grinds my gears til this day that Buck called one the biggest plays in the history of the NFL with the emphasis of Ellie calling that Yankees playoff game and I really just wanted to relive the Giants winning the Super Bowl. You got a problem with that?