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This Guy Saying He Found A Signed MJ Bat In The Trunk Of His Car Because He Forgot It There For The Last THIRTEEN YEARS Is The Biggest Crock Of Shit Ever

[Source] - Hollywood actor and stuntman Tony Todd had a very valuable piece of sports memorabilia and had forgotten that he even owned it. Just months after 'The Last Dance' documentary series aired, Todd recently remembered that he had a baseball bat autographed by Michael Jordan in the trunk of his 1966 Pontiac LeMans.

In an interview with USA Today's Bob Nightengale, Todd revealed that the autographed bat had been sitting in the car trunk for 13 years and he never took it out. Todd doesn't have any idea what the bat is worth, but he'll get an idea this coming Saturday when the bat is auctioned off.

"My God, I had totally forgotten I had the M.J. bat to be honest," Todd told USA Today Sports. "When the guy mentioned it, I sprinted through the house like Carl Lewis."

Oh get the fuck out of here. You just happen to 'forget' that Michael Jordan signed a bat and you left it in your trunk for THIRTEEN goddamn years. That's the biggest lie of all time and there's not a close second. This is a bigger lie than guys clearly 5'10" saying they are 6-foot. You never opened the trunk? You never went 'oh yeah, I had a signed Michael Jordan bat.' Fuck that. 

And if you did happen to forget it was in your trunk, I got even more questions. I'm not buying It man. Everyone checks their trunk. That's where you put groceries. That's where you leave your golf clubs. That's where you leave a pair of sneakers, gym shorts and a basketball just in case a game breaks out. Same goes for ping pong balls, solo cups and a 6-pack. JUST IN CASE. You always check the trunk. This is by far the most made up story I can remember reading. 

13 years! You don't forget you had a signed MJ anything, let alone a baseball bat. It's right in your face when you open the trunk. I hope it ends up being a fake signature and worth zero after this story.